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  • Sustainability.

    Sustainability is a fundamental value, a cross element leading all the Group activities. The Group is aware of the importance to protect the Environment and commit itself to guarantee that all the activities don’t impact negatively on the natural balance. In fact, we re going to publish the fi rst Social Balance which will be made according to the guide- ines GRI-G4. It will be a complete survey in support of the commitment for the environmental, economical and social sustainability of the activities and of the whole Supply-Chain.

  • Quality.

    Quality is the common thread of our production process, from the income goods check until the release of the fi nished product. The Group is equipped with one of the most modern and complete Quality Laboratories to do tests on corrugated cardboard and folding carton.

  • R&D.

    R&D – Marketing Department units the know-how of all the Group, gives customers a total support and turns the customers’ needs into functional and innovative solutions. It offer outsourcing to realize projects from the idea generation to the implementation on the market working together the clients searching also new materials, optimizations and new processes. The Department pays particular attention on sustainability topics.

  • Future.

    Transparency, reputation and moral rectitude are the basis of the ethics of our companies.

  • Innovative Products.

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